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Capture, encrypt, compress and index your email & file data

Our Email & File Archiving solutions provide a complete and secure archive, and will give organisations deep insight into email & file data. This business intelligence makes this the next generation archiving solution. Our solutions enable true overall storage savings, unrivalled search speed, and never-before-seen reporting into email & file data to truly understand and improve your business.

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Eliminate PST/NSF Management

PST’s are dangerous to use and difficult to manage. As corporate business records, they may not be on company premises at all. Also, PST files can easily get corrupted and become unusable, and users may delete them or take them with them when they leave the company taking important business records with them!

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Want to save up to 80% Storage?

Our Email & File Archiving Solutions help you manage the exponential growth of your email & file data. With our solutions you can reduce your overall email and file server storage by up to 80% & we will improve server reliability and performance while also reducing back up costs.

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Want to make immediate cost savings?

With MailMeter, you can reduce the size of your email store, resulting in immediate cost savings and improved performance. When an email server crashes, nothing is more important than getting it restored immediately. With a smaller operating mail store, this time is greatly reduced.

With File Archiver you will reduce your backup times and volume by between 20% and 50%.

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In-depth Business Intelligence at your Fingertips

Unique to the industry, we are the market leader in providing in-depth reporting for both your email and file data. By having visibility of your data you can uncover what is happening within your business, identify storage savings & much more.

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What is the cost to your organisation?

Did you know that firms that don’t have legal discovery & compliance processes in place will spend on average 100% plus more on gathering and producing documents than firms that have legal discovery & compliance processes and policies? MailMeter Investigate module offers an efficient email storage and retrieval solution that helps companies to abide by regulations such as FOI, GLBA, Data Protection Act and Basel II.

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Why Use Waterford Technologies?

Waterford Technologies continues to simplify data management by providing cutting edge technology and unlimited unrivalled support. A special advantage of Waterford Technologies lies in our commercially flexible approach to business. Our dedicated sales team listens closely to client’s needs and provides them with extremely competitive price and payment options. Weather it is pre sales, installation, after sales or technical support we’re always here for you at the end of the phone or for a site visit. Now how many companies can promise that?