80% of Your Data is Redundant!

FileAnalyzer Cloud

…And it’s costing you money to manage it.

Did you know?

  •  Approximately 80% of your data hasn’t been accessed in over 3 years?
  • Approximately 20% of you data is duplicate data?
  • You could cut back up costs by 50%?

A comprehensive new cloud computing solution, aimed at providing organisations with the ideal tools for analysing and reporting on server storage, is released this week.


FileAnalyzer Cloud, devised by Waterford Technologies, provides a framework to assist in determining the true value of data and enforcing the day-to-day management of that data according to that value judgment.


By developing a technology strategy synchronised with the data values, companies can control costs by allocating investment more according to protection of critical information and less towards lower value data.


Using a wide variety of reports, users will be able to see what types of files are consuming storage and which users are keeping files the longest, before performing “what if” analysis to explore archiving of older files to the Amazon S3 and Glacier and Azure Cloud storage using FileArchiver Cloud.


Waterford Technologies continues to invest in research and development and plans to launch further cloud solutions in 2016.


CEO John Brennan added: “The software requirements of industry continue to evolve and we need to reflect that in our product offering.


“Data stored by organisations is increasing at an alarming rate year on year and Waterford Technologies want to maintain their position as market leaders in providing the tools to manage this ever increasing data growth”


Check out www.waterfordtechnologies.com for your free 14 day trial. FileAnalyzer Cloud will enable you to see what types of files are consuming storage, which users are keeping files the longest and much more.  It is browser based (no client software to install) and all reports have extensive drill-down capabilities.  FileAnalyzer Cloud allows you to delete files directly from any File Level Report.


About Waterford Technologies


Waterford Technologies operates from four locations; Waterford (Ireland), Liverpool (England), Nashville (Tennessee) and Irvine, (California).  Waterford Technologies is the market leader of email and file archiving solutions for organisations worldwide.  With over 5,000 plus product installations globally, Waterford Technologies provides a full range of email and data management and reporting products for archiving, compliance, legal discovery and storage management. Waterford’s flagship product – MailMeter, provides safe and secure archiving to reduce the cost of email management, reduce the cost of legal investigations related to email, and meet regulatory requirements.


For more information, visit www.waterfordtechnologies.com or call Waterford Technologies at +353 51 334967.