Email Archiving Is Like Car Insurance!

Waterford Technologies develops a suite of products that have various features that appeal to different areas within an Organisation.

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

It however can be broken down into 4 general areas:

  1. Reporting and trend analysis
  2. Email Archiving Email Store reduction
  3. File archiving and analysis
  4. E-Discovery

I want to talk a bit about the 4th point above. Points 1-3 are used regularly by our clients and are seen to “be doing something”.

The E-Discovery piece is the bit that sits in the background waiting for its chance to be used.

“why am I paying for this?”, We don’t use the e-discovery modules very often?”, “ can I live without this feature?” are just some of the conversations I have with some of our clients at various account visits I conduct.

Funny thing is, any time some of these clients get put into a situation where they need to use some aspect of E-discovery ,then, boy are they glad to have archiving

For these clients, who are fortunate enough to have MailMeter to help with any litigation,e-discovery investigations , they get to see the benefits and power these products provide.

Think of it like this, we all pay for our car insurance and grumble when we see the cheque leaving our accounts, funny how we are glad we have it though when our car is wrapped around a lamp post…

Email Archiving and the power of E-Discovery could be at your finger tips

Check out our website to see how MailMeter can benefit you when it comes to Email archiving E-discovery.