Are You Prepared For Email Compliance?

Inappropriate Message Content

Workplace mischief in the form of a few careless email messages can be a termination offence. If you can’t see it happening, how can you enforce email policies? Inappropriate message content can be jokes, ethnic slurs, age discrimination, sexual harassment, and leaks of company information to outsiders. By establishing a secure monitoring and reporting system you can govern employee email activities ensuring your companies email compliance. You can make it clear to your employees what you expect of them. When necessary, you can enforce policies and sanction destructive or reckless email practices.

MailMeter Reveals Inappropriate Message Content

MailMeter has three solutions for managers:

  1. Insight – over 40 standard reports show all email activity by user. Every message sent and received by Sender, Receiver, Domain, Attachments, etc. All reports have full drill in to message content. Reports can also be automatically mailed to managers and end users.
  2.  Compliance Review – Each night MailMeter Compliance Review will analyze each email and compare the body text against lists of words you have selected to produce those emails that have inappropriate message content. Message reviewers or managers can see who is abusing company policies.
  3. Investigate – authorized investigators, legal or HR personnel, can search the entire email archive for inappropriate message content. They can restrict their searches to groups of users, data ranges, and more. Searches can be simple or complicated Boolean expressions.

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