Email Compliance

Ever Increasing Mailboxes

Your number of company email accounts is increasing, as is your average number of email messages sent and received by each account and the average size of each message. Your employees may be able to limit their text messages to 160 characters, but they regularly send emails with huge spreadsheet or PDF attachments, graphics and rich text formatting. The storage burdens on your email servers are becoming more and more difficult to meet with each passing week.Email Compliance

It would be natural to consider dumping the oldest email files and attachments to reclaim server space, but you know better than to neglect compliance with the ever-increasing requirements for email retention that emanate from regulators, legislatures and courts. The only solution, it seems, is to spend more and more money on email storage media. Email compliance issues combined with the explosive growth of your email files is choking your company.


Email Compliance and Storage Savings Go Hand-in-Hand with MailMeter

Well, that’s the situation today. If you act now to begin the installation of our industry-standard MailMeter email management and compliance solutions, tomorrow will be a new day, and a much better day, at your company. Full MailMeter installations are remarkably affordable, take less than a day to complete and begin earning back their cost immediately in ancillary savings such as storage costs.

We don’t use the word “solutions” lightly. MailMeter will archive every email that passes through your servers so that your email retention compliance issues are fully resolved. Meanwhile, the graph of those climbing storage costs will take a dramatic u-turn and begin dipping down toward much earlier levels.

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