File Archiving: a Must for Disaster Recovery

Sarah Vouga- Waterford Technologies

Could you compare Disaster Recovery to a Zombie Apocalypse?

I cannot lie. I am a part of the mainstream group of people fascinated with zombies. It seems silly to a random onlooker, why on earth would a married 27 year old with a toddler have such an obsession with mindless, reanimated corpses with a hunger for human brains? Because I am a sheep and I appreciate the fake terror it brings to me when watching such shows as The Walking Dead or when participating in 5K runs with zombie obstacles. It is absolutely pointless when looking at it from a non-frenzied state. But what if it could happen? And if it did happen, how would that impact your business? Are you prepared for a disaster situation? Are you prepared for the possibility of a zombie apocalypse?
With any disaster situation, or the impending doom of a zombie apocalypse, there are three key points every business must identify and ensure are put into practice: Preparation, Planning, and Protection. Are your business documents secure?

  1. Preparation:

    Survival of any disaster or zombie apocalypse will largely depend up on how well prepared you are before catastrophe strikes. Identify what’s vital to your recovery. Detailed lists often times are the most important things to make, File Archivingspecifically ones that prioritize the critical documents and their location. Follow automated policies. If you have a File Archiving solution in place, the files that have met your policy criteria have been automatically copied to a file archive on low cost storage where they are shrunk and deduplicated and stored for automatic retrieval.

  2. Planning:

    Once you have armed yourself with knowledge and information, you need to formulate a detailed recovery plan that covers your company and all of its locations. With an organized strategy, you strongly increase the likelihood that you and all of the documents that your company holds dear in this world, will fully recover.

  3. Protection:

    Recovering from a zombie apocalypse or disaster ultimately depends upon the flawless execution of your preparation and planning stages. Migrating to your recovery site must happen without a moment’s hesitation. Fortify your infrastructure. Ensure that a File Archiving solution is in place at your new server location. Set up your policies, and follow your plan. Communicate with outside experts.

We here at Waterford Technologies will ensure that your execution from preparation to protection will be seamless and that your business will survive the zombie apocalypse. Or natural disaster. Or even just end user error. We have your back.

For more information on how File Archiving can help with your disaster recovery, call us today!