File Archiver

Reclaim storage space and save money

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What is File Archiver?

Manage your company’s files in an efficient and space saving manner with File Archiver. Having a poorly maintained file management system can cause unnecessary headaches and create extra work that could cost you time and money. File Archiver takes these problems away and allows you to create a manageable file storage system. File Archiver is a policy based solution that allows you to create your own structures. You choose which files you monitor, archive or store. File Archiver creates a workable and understandable eco system for your files. Make your files comprehendible again with File Archiver.

What File Archiver Does

File Archiver helps you to save storage. It achieves this by implementing four key processes:

1. Reporting

The reporting view of File Archiver allows you to view your files by server, owner, size, type, name – essentially any indicator you need – so that you can understand who or what is abusing your storage.

2. Deleting

File Archiver goes through your current file database and purges your system of any unwanted or unnecessary files. This frees up huge amounts of storage and will help you to reclaim vital server storage.

3. Archiving

Sometimes you might want to keep hold of files. File Archiver allows you to archive files by protecting them and moving older versions of files to the archive space.

4. Stubbing

You can reclaim storage space without disrupting your users. Remove older files from file servers and replace them with an intelligent “stub” that automatically retrieves the original file from the archive.

File Archiver is designed to intelligently respond to policies that you set, depending on your needs. This frees up huge amounts of space for your company and allows you to cut down on expensive storage spaces.

How File Archiver Works

File Archiver has been trusted by many companies to help with their file archiving needs. Take a quick look at our demonstration video below and discover how you could be using it to your advantage.

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