Mailbox Analyzer Lite Download

Complete the form on the right and you will be directed to download the program.Our team has created this version of our MailMeter Solution to help you understand how your email storage is being used and what impact email archiving could have on your environment. Run from your desktop it will analyze your inbox and show you:

  • How storage is being used,
  • The type of files consuming disk space and the age of these files
  • Sample reports indicating who you correspond with and who corresponds with you most
  • The amount of storage space you will save if archiving data older than a specific age range

If you find value in the report from the Mailbox Analyzer Lite product, we recommend you see a demonstration of our MailMeter reporting tool. It provides a comprehensive reporting and archiving solution which will both save you space and allow you to comply with all email compliance and freedom of information legislation.

  • This Trial version of MailMeter is not the fully functional version and is intended only to give the User a flavor of how MailMeter operates.