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Capture, encrypt, compress and index email

A comprehensive core solution that captures every email sent or received and imports emails from existing mail servers and user PST or NSF files. It encrypts compresses and indexes all email information.

MailMeter Email Archive is a comprehensive email archiving software that:

  • Captures every email, internal and external
  • Indexes the body text and attachments to its archive database
  • Stores compressed and encrypted copies of the rich text and attachments in separate archive volumes
  • Captures email from your email system and import any external PST/NSF files.
  • MailMeter begins its data capture on all new email messages after it has been installed. The optional MailMeter History Capture can import your entire existing active mail database. As part of its data capture process, MailMeter Archive assigns each component of each message a content based digital signature or fingerprint. This provides you with the knowledge and assurance that any searches or retrievals that you carry out on the MailMeter Archives in the future will provide you with the original unaltered content of the initial email transaction.

MailMeter Archive works seamlessly with your existing email infrastructure, providing you with a comprehensive secure and verifiable archive of all your organizations messaging. MailMeter Archive will do this automatically and is independent of end user actions. If a user deletes an email for instance, MailMeter Archive will still have a complete copy of this message stored securely in its archive volumes. Contact Us for more information about email archiving software.