The Most Worrying Email Subject Lines….

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

 Would you open an email with these subject lines?

Since we deal, manage and  live in the world of email, we see lots of interesting cases where we have help firms with productivity, trend analysis, data mining and e-discovery.

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Along the way we also hit some funny stuff…. ( the below examples are not from our clients!!)

Here are 20 #scarysubjectlines we never want to see…

 Scary Email Subject Lines

Some news about your employment

‘mom’ Has Sent You a Story “Finding the One”

Most of the car is fine


Your Son, and His Future at Our University

Your test results are in 🙁

B4 u open, promise not to get mad

Our Relationship

MORE BABY PICS!!!!! (3/22: 3:46pm – 3:55pm, Part Two)

Last night / Herpes

Death threat? 😉

eTicket Itinerary AM8QL4 Guantanamo

Your profile has been suspended due to low interest

Fwd: Fwd: hysterical jokes from AUNT BETH

Invoice from Dad – #38847

I reckon I ran over ur dog

re: paternity test

Thank you for your recent application

Guess what friends: I started a blog!!!