Project Planning for GDPR

New Year, New Data Management Project

On January 2nd, most people will be returning back to work after a Christmas project of greatly reducing their food and drink reserves.

But January will also mark the beginning for a lot of organisations of finally tackling the impending GDPR regulation, coming into effect on 25th of May 2018, which will change how companies can process and control the personal data of EU citizens.

According to our recent survey results, just under 50% of companies have an active project to address GDPR concerns, this leaves approximately half of companies to get the ball rolling.
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Unstructured Data – A Growing Problem

What is Unstructured Data?

Data Management is appearing very regularly in the mainstream media at the moment – for good reasons (GDPR and legislation to properly safeguard personal Data) and bad reasons (front page headline Data breaches and fines), the term “unstructured Data” is now used a lot outside of its traditional IT/Compliance setting. It can sometimes lead to some confusion over what exactly the term means, what is counted as Unstructured Data, how much of it typically exists  in an organisation, how to find where it is and, naturally, how to deal with it.
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When Not to Reply to an Email

Open All Hours

Working time and personal time are becoming more and more blurred. The reach of the former can extend into literally all hours, especially if you are in a globally active organisation. Emails can appear at any time of the day or night and with smart tech devices, it is easy to get notifications and reply in an instant. Most of the time, with good self-discipline, this is not going to be a problem but what about the times you should hold off on that quick reply?
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10 Things To Avoid Having on Email

Avoid Unnecessary Hassle

It is good business (or common) sense to avoid using certain information, terms and content on your business systems. Besides leaving yourself and your organisation open to legal problems if a case were to come up, the daily headlines of massive Data breaches means that what you might think will never be seen outside of your network could be front page tabloid headlines tomorrow!
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File Data Management – Easy as 1,2,3…

Data Management – The “Big Project” Myth

There is a mistaken idea that getting a proper Data Management strategy implemented is an epic undertaking and it still persists through many companies. It is an idea that some of the “titans” of the industry like to perpetuate to justify their massive price tag! We enjoy debunking this myth every time and our Data Management Experts are keen to show potential customers – whether Cloud, Local or on-Premise – just how hassle-free our process is in practice!
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Why Encryption Is Key To Eliminating Breaches

Horror Stories

It is October – Halloween is coming along pretty soon but if your business deals with customer Data, the selection of horror stories in terms of high-profile Data breaches is more impressive than a Netflix or Shudder menu. With Equifax being hacked (twice in as many weeks!) and even information security giants such as Deloitte and now Accenture facing serious credibility  issues, Data leaks are almost becoming the “norm”. The solution of Data encryption as a “ghostbuster” to these tales of horror must be explored further.
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Budget Blues? Data Management Savings for GDPR.

Save Cost, Space… and Possibly Your Company

Today as the Irish Finance Minister delivers the budget for the next year, a lot of focus will be on working out what savings the changes will bring to different groups of people across the country.

While there are typically not too many big surprises in the budget, the same cannot be said about your Data. With GDPR just months away, some potentially company-closing data landmines might be lurking on your servers. Without proper Data oversight, management is impossible.

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GDPR: Top 10 Reasons it is Good for Business

The Negative Narrative

Anybody working in the Compliance and Data Management fields will know a lot about the GDPR legislation by now. It is coming in May, will involve a lot of preparation and there is a really big punitive financial stick of €20 million or 4% of turnover. Compliance legislation can easily be seen as a negative – there is more work, more things to worry about doing the right way and of course, the threat of being found non-compliant can add great stress to already busy managers.

But what about the positives?

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Visibility; The Key To Data Management

Data Management – A Growing Problem

Data on file servers grows very quickly unless you have a plan to manage and control it with the right tools.

Symptoms include increased backup times, Backups that just won’t run, Backup timeframes over 24 hours, Backup costs, server performance, server crash, restoration timeframes and management costs, to eventually a complete lack of storage space.

Simply put – it is impossible to manage the problem when you have no visibility and capability to manage it.
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