What is “Not Safe For Work” email?

Inappropriate Message Content

Despite most workplaces having clear Internet and Email policies implemented by HR and signed by employees during induction, a whole lot of inappropriate messaging still goes on during office hours!

Workplace mischief in the form of a few careless email messages can be a termination offence. Inappropriate message content may include jokes, ethnic slurs, age discrimination, sexual harassment, naked pictures and leaks of company information to outsiders.
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Big Data Statistics & Facts for 2017

Big data stats and facts

Big Data – Are You In Control?

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

Big data is a hot issue in today’s business world. The massive increase in the amount of data collected and stored by organization’s around the world over the past few decades is undeniable and the ability to access and analyze this data is quickly becoming more and more important.

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Ensuring Corporate Email Compliance

Ensuring Email Compliance

Regulatory compliance is an increasingly important concern for businesses across the world, especially those who deal with the private data of European citizens no matter where they are headquartered or operational. The GDPR, which “goes live” on 25th May 2018, will enshrine this compliance in a uniform manner. Meanwhile the amount of data collected, processed and stored by businesses has increased exponentially over the past decade, legal requirements regarding how this data should be treated have also increased.

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How to Delay Sending an Email in Outlook

How to delay an email in Outlook

At some point or another, almost all of us have felt the pang of regret after hitting the send button. Maybe you have sent the mail to the wrong John Smith, accidentally cc’d in the client you are discussing or just realised that the email was a bad idea in the first place.

Luckily, Microsoft Outlook includes a feature which can help you avoid these situations. The delay email feature adds a delay between clicking the send button and actually delivering the mail, allowing you enough time to cancel the message.

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The Difference Between Data Backup and Archiving

Difference Between Data Backup and Archiving

Data backup and data archive are two terms which are often mentioned in the same breath and on the surface may seem to be almost analogous. After all, they both involve making a copy of a business’s data for future use. However, that is where the similarities end.

A backup and an archive are actually used for completely different purposes and are quite different in a number of ways. Below, we have highlighted some of the key differences between a backup and an archive and the critical common features which are important in both.

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