Would You Keep Your Old Clothes in a Bank Vault?

It might seem like an odd question, but there is an equivalent in the world of IT.

Peter Sweeney- Waterford Technologies

You probably wouldn’t do this as the cost hugely outweighs the value of the items concerned.   Most people, if they were honest, would have to say that their wardrobes are full of stuff that they are never going to wear again but just can’t get around to sending the clothes to recycling or the charity shop.  There is always an element of “what if I need it one day”, nagging away at the back of their minds.

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File Server Management – Dealing With Long Backup Times

Make Life Easier with the Correct File Server Management Strategy

The time will eventually come when your server will not be able to handle any more data. Your file server storage usage is spiraling in all organisations today. That results in a fire drill to find free space. What files can you delete? It’s tough going to your boss to justify new hardware when you have no facts or evidence of what happened to all the storage space.File Server Management

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