Cloud Storage – Learn how to beat the costs!

Using cloud storage for email and file archiving is a great idea. However, the cost of cloud storage can be too expensive! First, most vendors charge by the storage space used — that’s a given, right. However, there are a lot more hidden costs such as:

  • time to upload or download files
  • impact on your network bandwidth
  • response time for service and support
  • backups of your cloud storage
  • leaving the cloud – how much to extract / export all your data
  • vendor reliability – when the venture capital money runs out

Do you have TERABYTES to archive?

Cloud archiving with Waterford Technologies is a highly efficient solution for off premises archiving. A small appliance is placed in your datacenter with as much local cache storage as you need. It deploys in minutes.

The cloud archiving appliance is connected to a similar device in a SAS70 protected datacenter in Colorado, USA. During off hours these devices are synchronizing files. In the cloud, the appliance is copying new archived files to a large, robotic tape library. The files can also be duplicated for disaster recovery at an offsite location.

Only 2 cents per gigabyte for cloud storage!

The files are automatically uploaded and downloaded to provide the fastest access possible.

Hundred of terabytes can be easily managed in this Inexpensive Cloud Archive. Bulk loading is available as well as bulk tape shipments at low cost. The size of your archive can be unlimited.

More about cloud archiving can be found here