Understanding Email Compliance

New compliance regulation changes are coming across the globe in terms of how email information is stored and for how long. The penalties for non-compliance are potentially company closing.

As email volume continues to grow every year, the chances that your company will need to show records during audit or legal proceedings will massively increase.

Email Compliance and Data Info-graphic
Email Compliance and Data Info-graphic

Email Compliance and Storage Savings with MailMeter

MailMeter provides the solution to your email retention compliance issues, archiving every email that passes through your servers. Meanwhile, the graph of climbing storage demands will take a dramatic U-turn and revert to healthy and more manageable levels.

With MailMeter, you can reduce your email data by 80%, eliminate PSTs forever, provide detailed analysis and drill-down reporting, become legally compliant and recover deleted email instantly.

  • Reduce storage consumption on your email server improving back up times and recovery
  • Meet compliance requirements for retention or review, and for acceptable usage monitoring
  • Forensic search capabilities save you time and money in an investigative action
  • Monitor employee activity, attachments and enforce policy through its drill-down reports

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