Email Retention Policies – Say Goodbye To Unmanaged Data

Enforce Email Retention Policies with Confidence

Your email systems administrator and IT department are meeting to discuss the latest round of storage cost increases, lengthy backup times and PST/NSF quota nightmares. Someone proposes simply deleting two more years of email storage. Unfortunately, too many companies become so mired in the morass of unmanaged data that they actually consider draconian and self-destructive steps like this proposal, which will only create more headaches in the future.

Backups are not an effective archiving solution. They are made at specific points in time and get written over frequently. Can you imagine searching backup tape after backup tape for that one email you need?

Without an separate archiving solution your organization is exposed to sanctions and fines. For example, a legal hold notice is ignored or lost. Or worse, your legal team goes to court with sheepish grins about lost emails and loses the case because of adverse inference.

 Solve your Storage Needs

The smart solution to problems such as these is to rely on Waterford Technologies’  MailMeter products. We can solve your storage needs with a fast, easy installation of our product, saving you time and money in the long run. Even more importantly, our products will bring you user-friendly command and control over the rich corporate history that is hidden in your email records.

Implement and Enforce Your Retention Policies with Confidence

As a result, your natural concerns about regulatory compliance and records retention will be answered. You will be able to adopt sound corporate policies on records retention, compliance and email use. Even better, your managers will finally be able to implement and enforce these policies with confidence.

Even as you are meeting your legal email retention requirements and complying with your internal policies in all respects, you will bring smiles to the faces of your accounting staff. Nearly every company has tried to juggle the need to maintain corporate records, including email, with the rising expense of storage media. With MailMeter’s powerful archiving architecture, the juggling act is over.

Why not contact us today to enforce your retention policies and begin to watch your email storage costs fall!