File Server Management – Dealing With Long Backup Times

Make Life Easier with the Correct File Server Management Strategy

The time will eventually come when your server will not be able to handle any more data. Your file server storage usage is spiraling in all organisations today. That results in a fire drill to find free space. What files can you delete? It’s tough going to your boss to justify new hardware when you have no facts or evidence of what happened to all the storage space.File Server Management

Backup up hundreds of gigabytes or terabytes is a big nightmare. You can’t stick your head in the sand and hope it goes away. Waterford Technologies provides an affordable, easy-to-install FileArchiver solution to reduce file server long backup times.

Reduce File Server Long Backup Time

File Archiver reduces file server long backup times by using policies to clean up, de duplicate and shrink storage. Files that are old, unneeded, or unused are automatically moved to a file archive where they are compressed, encrypted and stored for automatic retrieval. The original file location contains a tiny 1K shortcut link “stub” that automatically retrieves the file from the archive. It’s seamless to users. Your backup times plummet because your files are shrunk and de duplicated on to lower cost storage. File Archiver packs your files (compressed, encrypted, de duplicated, single instanced) into folders on low cost storage that reduce your file server backup time even more.

In a today’s economy, you have daily pressure to reduce costs and deliver more value. FileArchiver will reduce your file server long backup times. You will be surprised at how much space and time you will save.