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Getting Your Email Ready for GDPR

Unsure about whether GDPR applies to you?

It does not matter if it is pre- or post- Brexit or indeed if you are in Europe, APAC or USA. Any company holding identifiable information on a European citizen, no matter where it’s based, needs to be fully aware of the implications of GDPR.

The simple overview is that GDPR is being introduced to protect the privacy and security of all the data collected by companies (regardless of size) across the European Union, with fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover or €10 – €20 million (whichever is greater).

The Good news: You have until May 25th 2018 to comply with the legislation.

The Bad news: in reality that is not a long time – there is a lot to do and you really need to start preparations now!

Key Check Points for Email:

  1. Is our company storing or processing personal or sensitive data?
  2. Is this data adequately protected and encrypted?
  3. Where does the data reside and who has access to it?
  4. What attachments have been sent internally and externally from your company in the past X years?
  5. Have you appointed a DPO yet?
  6. Can you perform a full Audit Trail?
  7. Can you perform a fully automated report for personal and sensitive information?
  8. Can employees identify information that is identified as personal or sensitive?
  9. Have you run a PIA?
  10. Are you capable of adhering to the “Right to be Forgotten” DSAR requests?

Talk to our Data Protection experts now

Waterford Technologies are experts in data management. Our team consists of expert consultants in Data Protection Legislation, Compliance Technology and Data eDiscovery, Analysis and Investigations. We enable organisations to make Data Decisions Based on Fact giving clients a clear overview of their data, enabling informed business decisions to prepare for GDPR. We simplify data oversight by providing cutting edge technology and unlimited unrivalled support.

Bringing innovative Cloud and on-premise technology to market, we help companies gain a true insight into their data and email and take action to remain compliant with standards, save on expensive storage and free up IT resources from mundane tasks.

Waterford Technologies is committed to the ongoing development of our products. Whilst the operational landscape constantly changes for businesses – especially in terms of regulation and compliance requirements – the challenges in managing data continue to grow apace.

We listen and learn from our customers and feedback is at the heart of our software development programmes and activities. Our objective is to be “market leaders” and our solutions are hardware and vendor independent.  We believe in a consultative approach and tailoring solutions to client needs as “one size fits all” does not work in reality. Our after-sales support provides GDPR eDiscovery search facilities for our clients.

Waterford Technologies is built on our reputation and our ability to deliver, scale and be flexible. We bring all of these characteristics to bear when delivering solutions to our customers both in pre and post sales. Our Team provides hands-on approach to customer support providing a level of technical support unmatched by rivals. Customers stay with us and keenly act as references for prospective clients. Having clients in practically every industry sector, from SMEs to enterprises, we provide case studies and best practice implementation across key business functions, across the world.

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GDPR Compliance and Its Impact on Security and Data Protection Programs