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One of the key aspects of our Data Management service is assisting organisations with their Compliance requirements for email and file systems covering important legislation such as GDPR and its global equivalents. Whether this assistance is provided by our Managed Service team or utilised by the client themselves, our powerful solutions empower our clients to make the decisions to satisfy all of their Compliance responsibilities.


Compliance legislation does not get bigger than the GDPR and it is coming very soon – in May 2018.

We give your organisation:

Data Management:

  • We give you the ability to get control over your data and gain visibility and insight into its contents.
  • Our Email solution, MailMeter, gives unrivalled insight into your email system and our advanced functionality enables the focused management of all email content throughout the organisation, while allowing easy search and retrieval options for users.
  • Our File management products, File Archiver and SISCIN, provide in-depth reports which empower you to understand your data and give you the ability to vastly reduce your data footprint across all systems. This is achieved via intelligent data management options, (including Archiving/Deletion/Stubbing) while utilising the best features of both On-Premise and/or Cloud options.


  • Both Email and File products provide a rich set of features and functionality to allow you to fully understand and manage your compliance requirements.
  • Our new module, ComplyKEY has been specifically designed to meet the challenges of existing and future compliance requirements, including GDPR.
  • ComplyKEY has advanced functionality including an easy DSAR (data subject access request) process with Case Management/Deletion/Hold/Export/Redact tools to simplify all compliance tasks.

Managed Service:

  • Waterford Technologies can provide you with a fully managed, hands-on service to help you address the challenges faced with both data management and compliance tasks. Our consultants can review, advise, execute, and manage any requirements.

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Key Email Compliance Concerns:

  1.  Do you have personal data in your email?
  2.  Do you have sensitive data in your email?
  3.  Where is that data?
  4.  Who has access to that data?
  5.  Is personal and sensitive personal information encrypted?
  6.  Has your organisation done everything reasonably within their power to identify and protect that data?
  7.  What is contained within the attachments that have been sent internally and externally from your organisation in the last X years?
  8.  Have you appointed a DPO?
  9.  Can you perform full audit search?
  10.  Can you create a fully automated report for personal and sensitive information?
  11.  Can employees identify data that they class as personal or sensitive?

Key File Compliance Concerns:

  1.  Do you have personal data on your File System?
  2.  Do you have sensitive data on your File System?
  3.  Where is that data?
  4.  Who has access to that data?
  5.  Is personal and sensitive information encrypted?
  6.  Has your organisation done everything reasonably within their power to identify and protect that data?
  7.  What is contained within the Files in your organisation?
  8.  Have you appointed a DPO?
  9.  Can you perform full audit search?
  10.  Can you create a report detailing personal and sensitive information stored on your file system?

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About Waterford Technologies Compliance

Waterford Technologies are experts in data management. Our team consists of expert consultants in Data Protection Legislation, Compliance Technology and Data eDiscovery, Analysis and Investigations. We enable organisations to make Data Decisions Based on Fact giving clients a clear overview of their data, enabling informed business decisions to prepare for GDPR. We simplify data oversight by providing cutting edge technology and unlimited unrivalled support.

We listen and learn from our customers and feedback is at the heart of our software development programmes and activities. Our objective is to be “market leaders” and our solutions are hardware and vendor independent.  We believe in a consultative approach and tailoring solutions to client needs as “one size fits all” does not work in reality. Our after-sales support provides GDPR eDiscovery search facilities for our clients.

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GDPR Compliance and Its Impact on Security and Data Protection Programs