File Analyzer Lite Free Download

Complete our simple form on the right and download FileAnalyzer Lite. We’ve created this version of our FileAnalyzer Solution to help you understand how your storage is being used. You can see what impact archiving could have on your environment. It’s simple to use; simply download after you’ve filled out our request form and our demo will analyze any file path on your server.

It Will Show You

  • How storage is being used
  • The average age of your files
  • What file types are dominating your storage systems
  • The amount of storage space you will save if archiving data older than a specific age range

Over One Million Files Can be Analyzed Per Hour

If you find that our FileAnalyzer Lite tool has proven helpful, then try our FileAnalyzer reporting tool. It shows details of files, folders, by age, size, owner, location, duplicates, etc. to help you control your file server storage.