While data continues to grow at an increasingly rapid pace; businesses are under pressure to retain it for even longer periods of time. Faced with this challenge, more and more organisations are looking to the Cloud to solve their storage problems, but are struggling to come up with a cost-effective Cloud strategy. The burden on IT Professionals is to find out what data currently exists, determine what should be stored in the Cloud and then most importantly, how to move it while keeping it safe and secure.

Introducing SISCIN – the most comprehensive way to help you effectively MAP your data to give you decisive clarity, MOVE and MANAGE your data in the Cloud while keeping costs low and data secure.

Map, Move, Manage

SISCIN from Waterford Technologies is a seamless, transparent Cloud-based Solution enabling informed decisions about moving and managing your data in the Cloud while keeping costs low and data secure. By providing clear oversight and massively reducing redundant data, SISCIN enables you to develop and execute an effective migration strategy. SISCIN allows you to easily overcome every Cloud Migration challenge!

Where do I start with a Cloud Migration project?Install SISCIN as a first step in providing both oversight and in-depth analysis of your file system content.

SISCIN’s dashboard and analytical reporting displays all information in a clear and simple format allowing you to quickly understand all your data.

How do I understand which data I should move?SISCIN will identify any redundant files for deletion and highlight valuable data allowing you to make informed decisions about what data is suitable for migration into the cloud.

SISCIN’s easy to use policies will allow you to start moving selected data to the Cloud.

How secure will my Cloud data be and who could access it illegally or through legal challenge / government request?SISCIN compresses and encrypts data on server before transfer. Selected files can be split and stored in different locations for additional security.

Despite the rise in news stories about hacking and government requests, prying eyes can see nothing of value with SISCIN – we put it beyond reach!

The cost of actual migration to the Cloud is expensive despite appearing as mere pennies in price lists.We show SISCIN prices clearly up front ensuring “no surprises” data restoration pricing.

We show the price on a “per policy” basis before any data is moved and pricing is based on data under management only.

SISCIN Reporting – Clarity for Data Managers!

Utilising the SISCIN dashboard and our analytical reporting tools, SISCIN provides Data Managers with both oversight and in-depth analysis of their server estate across multiple geographic regions. SISCIN can identify valuable data and delete or move redundant or seldom used data to cheaper Cloud Storage.

SISCIN - dashboard demonstration
SISCIN starts in seconds and your data appears in minutes

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Who does SISCIN help?

SISCIN enables Cloud confidence throughout the business, decisively closing project plan gaps that cause delays in migrating data to the Cloud.

  • Data Managers, CIOs and Compliance Managers will all benefit from the Business Intelligence, Security and clarity that SISCIN provides – at last a true bird’s eye view of the data landscape with truly innovative Reporting is available.
  • IT and Business Managers benefit from the simple implementation as there is no hardware or software to install or support and of course,
  • Finance Managers love SISCIN’s simple upfront pricing structure!

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 If you prefer to use the Cloud scalability of SISCIN for your Data analysis and archive locally, check out our SISCIN Local Storage solution.

SISCIN Features


Analytical Insight

Using a wide variety of reports, you will be able to see what types of files consume storage, which users are keeping files the longest.


Storage Reports are a critical source of information to aid you in the analysis of your current data estate. SISCIN’s feature-rich wide variety of reports enables determination of age, size, extension type, duplicates and owner of all files across all servers.

  • Perform “What IF” analysis – determine how much space you can save by using SISCIN to archive data to the cloud
  • Inform the business – export reports to Excel, HTML or Email
  • Consolidates Server information – aggregates information to simplify analysis
  • Identify Duplicate Files – Backups of Backups, copies of copies, identical PDFs and Presentations stored in multiple locations
  • Analyse and identify old files to archive or migrate
  • Analyse and identify lesser-used files
  • Analyse and identify very large files
  • Remove unwanted files
  • Identify Obsolete Applications – old ISOs, Patches, Service Packs or software that is no longer in use.
  • Flag Inappropriate Use – ITunes Libraries, personal documents, pictures, movies, etc.
  • Review the Current Size and Avg. (average) Modified Days to determine which servers could benefit from intelligent archiving. For example, a large number of very old files would indicate that additional storage can be reclaimed by archiving files to the cloud.


SISCIN can help you Identify data that could be moved to cloud storage.

With connection and access modules:

  • Move data directly to the cloud without purchasing middleware hardware.
  • Reclaim storage by ‘Stubbing’ data.
  • Seamlessly retrieve data from the cloud.


  • SISCIN saves money on storage infrastructure by allowing customers to migrate data from expensive platform-captive primary storage volumes to less expensive secondary tiers, object storage and cloud services.
  • Migrate data to Amazon S3 and Glacier and Microsoft Azure cloud storage based on the business data requirements
  • Access migrated data in a timely manner without interrupting business workflows

Microsoft Azure Ready

  • SISCIN runs on scalable, flexible and secure Microsoft Azure servers in the cloud freeing your time and resources
  • Seamlessly communicates with your existing server infrastructure to gather storage metadata for analysis
  • No application server software to provision and manage
  • No database servers to purchase and database software to purchase

Lightweight File Server Agents

  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Ready to run in minutes
  • No Firewall Changes
  • No Server reboot


SISCIN allows you to seamlessly and transparently move data to any archive location of choice without end user interaction. All files still appear in the original location and are opening via a stub link from that location. Via SISCIN you have the ability to define where the archived data is stored ( Azure, S3, Local Disk ), whether you want it stored once or across multiple archives, whether you want to secure it by archiving only parts of each file across multiple archives for complete security. The power to decide is now yours.

SISCIN provides a comprehensive solution that maximises storage intelligence and data placement by using policies to control the movement of critical data from on premise storage to the most appropriate cloud storage transparently for the end users. End users access their data in the same manner they always have regardless of if the file has been archived or not making SISCIN  a complete solution for your data management needs.

Policy Management

SISCIN uses game-changing policies that are easy to create yet are incredibly flexible and powerful.
  • Policies can be created to Archive files to the cloud,
  • Archive files to the cloud and then delete them,
  • Archive files to the cloud and then replace the files on disk with SISCIN links,
  • Or just delete obsolete or non-compliant files that meet your exact criteria.
  • Powerful Boolean selection criteria makes sure that you are targeting the exactly the files desired.

File Deletion

SISCIN allows you to delete files directly from any File Level Report. This can be very helpful when you discover some very old, obsolete files that you want to delete immediately. Folders cannot be deleted.

Warning: Files cannot be restored after being deleted using SISCIN unless they have been archived.


The SISCIN Simple Search feature is located on the main tool bar. Using SISCIN Cloud Simple Search you can search for files by file name across all server Watchpoints or drill down into a specific Server\Watchpoint. The search engine supports wild cards using *, characters in the file name and fully qualified file name searches using double quotes (“).