What is “Not Safe For Work” email?

Inappropriate Message Content

While most workplaces have clear email compliance policies enforced by HR and signed by all new employees; yet a whole lot of improper emailing still goes on during office hours!

A careless email can be a termination offence and as a result: damage a businesses reputation. Most of all inappropriate content include jokes, discrimination, harassment or a leak of company information.
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Email Archiving – What price would you pay to find that email?

email archiving

Avoid the pain of lost data – try Email Archiving with MailMeter

by Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

We have all been there, putting off tasks we know we should do today. In business as well as in our personal lives we postpone tasks because (i) there are other more immediate issues to resolve (ii) we detest the task in hand & prefer to spend our time on more enjoyable things (iii) don’t have time to worry about tomorrow’s problems as I have my hands full dealing with today’s.

But as we all know, just like the dentist visit, moving today’s issues to tomorrow can have painful consequences.

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